Four Types of Doctrines 

But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine (Titus 2:1, KJV)

Four types of doctrine-Daily devotional

Doctrine, derived from the Greek didaskalia, signifies teaching or the content taught, implying a teacher and a learner. This concept highlights doctrines’ influence on our spiritual lives, which can be either enriching or detrimental.

We’ll explore four doctrine types: sound doctrine, unintentional error, intentional error, and doctrine of demons.

Sound doctrine is teaching that is established on the truth of the Word of God. This is what Jesus, the Apostles, and the prophets taught. We pray and hope that every ministry, denomination, or Christian organization will teach sound doctrine, but sadly, that is not always the case. Our responsibility is to pursue sound teachings and identify distortions of the truth.

Unintentional doctrinal errors are errors made by sincere ministers of God who are just unaware that they got it wrong. Such errors occur because they do not completely understand God’s truth in that area. I have made such errors as a preacher, and of course, it is likely there are some aspects of God’s truth I do not fully understand and might misinterpret. The same is likely true with you, or your pastor. The key here is that such errors are unintentional and often arise from differences in understanding certain scriptures.

In contrast, intentional errors are made by people who knowingly twist the truth of God’s word for personal gain. Often, but not always, such distortions are for financial gain or to reinforce control or power over others. The history and contemporary situation of the Church should clarify this. This error can result from both true (but disobedient) ministers or ministries and fake ones.

The fourth type of doctrine, the most troublesome and concerning, is what Paul calls the doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1). These are not merely intentional or unintentional errors but teachings that emanate from hell, presented to God’s people from pulpits as God’s Word. What results from doctrines of demons? It destroys Christians’ relationships with Christ and furthers the agenda of Satan in destroying the Church Christ is building. You will not fully understand how Satan operates until you can see his hand in false theology, false doctrines, wrong teachings, and practices within the Church responsible for the chaos, powerlessness, and destruction of God’s purposes for His people.

I cannot overemphasize this: be grounded in the truth and protect yourself from doctrinal errors. Note that doctrine is teaching, meaning it comes from outside of you, and it will influence your thinking, actions, and experience of God.


Jesus gave us two reasons for doctrinal errors in Matthew 22:29. What are they?

Apply the Word

Here is an alarming trend I see in the Church today: the average Christian has little to no confidence in their ability to read and understand the Bible. They are wholly dependent on others—their lives are largely controlled by doctrines (teachings of others). The Church will not grow to maturity until this trend is reversed. God has a place for teachers like me, but establishing every believer in the Word is critical for the overall growth of the Body—not merely ministers, ministries, or Churches! Fight doctrinal error. Be grounded personally in the truth.


Ask the Spirit to help us develop the Berean spirit of accurately scrutinizing every teaching we hear.

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