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My Words Are Spirit

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life (Jn. 6:63 KJV).

my words are spirit

Jesus made the powerful statement above, essentially saying “My words are spirit and life”. These are not the words of an ordinary Jew or Rabbi. No human being alive or dead has ever uttered words like these. The Pharisees once sent some officers to arrest Jesus while He was speaking, but these officers came back and said “Never man spake like this man!” (Jn. 7:46 KJV).

God’s Word is spirit and life. Notice it did not say here that the Word is the Holy Spirit. The term “spirit” in this context describes the nature of the words He speaks. God’s Word is essentially spirit or spiritual, and the natural sound we hear with our ears when He speaks directly to us, or the writings we read in the Book, are merely the outward, physical component.

As you read the scriptures, listen to a sermon, read a devotional like this one, or some other Christian material sharing the Word, do not be carried away by the natural aspect of words being read or spoken. The Word is spirit, and therefore, seeks to interact with your spirit. Whenever you receive the Word into your heart, you have just received a spirit virtue that carries the life of God inside of you. Whenever you act on the Word inside your heart, you are being moved from the spirit realm.


What was a primary difference in the main verse above between spirt and flesh? Declare that “the Word of God is spirit and life to my spirit, soul, and body”.


Start learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit by His Word, which is spirit and life. As you fill your heart with the Word, you are being filled with the Spirit!


Pray that the Spirit will open your understanding to know the mysteries behind the Word of God.

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