Jesus Withdrew Himself into the Wilderness and Prayed

And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed  (Luke 5:16 KJV)

Jesus’ life has volumes to teach us about God and man; the Gospels record both His way of life and ministry. Above all else, Jesus’ lifestyle is a clear revelation of what God looks like. At last, God granted humanity’s longtime desire to see Him, though almost everyone who physically met Him did not know they were meeting God in person.

However, Jesus’ life also teaches us about how to live and minister. He had predictable habits. One of such habits was regularly visiting the Synagogue (Luke 4:16). Additionally, in Luke 5:16 above, Luke gives us another recognizable routine of Jesus: He withdrew from the people into a solitary place alone and prayed.  

The word “withdraw” means to move away with the implication of an intentional separation of oneself from something. What did Jesus move away from? He withdrew from the usual business of life and the demands of ministry. Jesus, the Son of God, stopped ministry or other demanding issues of His daily life to spend time with His Father regularly in prayer.

The secret of intimacy and a thriving spiritual life has not changed since the days of our Lord. In reality, it will never change until He comes back, despite the million things begging for our attention today. I am unaware of any Christian or minister with a desirable relationship with the Lord—and God’s tangible power and presence—without this habit. I encourage you to withdraw yourself regularly into your place of prayer and enjoy the blessing of living in the presence and power of God.

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Take a moment to ponder on Luke 5:16 above. Consider each word and how it applies to you.

Life will hardly make it easy for us to withdraw. Instead, it will actively oppose every attempt to seek God in prayer. Let the desire grow in your heart to make a habit of spending time with the Father and ask  Him to help you do it.

Ask the Father to help you copy this habit from the Lord to withdraw regularly to be with Him.

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