It was noised that Jesus was in the house

And again he entered into Capernaum, after some days; and it was noised that he was in the house (Mark 2:1 KJV)

Why Call Ye Me Lord Lord, showing a picture of Jesus breaking bread

Capernaum was the central city of Jesus’ ministry that could be considered the headquarters. He revisited this city, and as soon as the people knew He was in town, the KJV says, “it was noised that he was in the house”. It was not noised as though it was a nuisance, but the word went out that Jesus was in the house. As soon as people heard the message, they began flogging in with their problems, knowing Jesus was in the house.

The people did not come in because the house in which Jesus was in had a beautiful infrastructure or appealing decorations. They did not come in because the orchestra was so harmonious in the house. Scripture clarifies that the only reason they went into that house was that He was in the house.

This is what God has designed for you and me as individual believers and for the local Churches. God’s design is for you to be a lampstand upon which He shines for the world to see and come. Let it be noised that Christ is in you. The same with our churches. We thank God for the grace of having beautiful infrastructure, decorations, or instruments for melodious music. But how spiritually useless they are when the Lord’s presence and power are missing in the house!

Let it be noised that Christ is in you and your local Church that the dying world will come and drink of living waters.


How did the word spread that Jesus was in the house? What do you think happened? NB. They did not have phones then!


The world is hungry, thirsty, and dying. They are looking for hope, solutions, or answers. They might not know it but what they are truly looking for is Jesus. And He is in you. Let it be noised that Christ is in the house, that is, in you or your local Church! 


Ask the Father to help you be a full representative of Christ in your world. 

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