He Teacheth My Hands to War

He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms. (Psalm 18:34, KJV)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life’s battles? David, a mighty warrior, uncovered a crucial lesson that we, too, must grasp: God is our Teacher, guiding us through life’s skirmishes. In Psalm 18:34, David attributes his battle prowess not to his own strength but to God, who taught his hands to war. 

But how did God teach David? No scripture recounts an event in David’s life where God instructed him to use a sword or trained him in warfare tactics. The secret lies not in a physical lesson but in a supernatural endowment of skills and strength. When David refers to God teaching his hands to war, he speaks of God’s powerful enablement during battles, aiding him to overrun troops, leap over walls, and run like a deer (Psalm 18:29-32).

This divine empowerment didn’t cease with David. Instead, in the New Testament, God fully assumes the role of Teacher by sending the Holy Spirit to educate us. The Spirit imparts the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to live the Christian life, serve in ministry, and triumph over the enemy in spiritual warfare. For instance, when a believer emulates Christ’s life, the Spirit has taught them about Christ—imparting the ability to live as Christ does (1 Thessalonians 4:9).

Consider this: The Holy Spirit is your divine Teacher, not just in spiritual matters but in all areas of life. Whether raising children, tackling work problems, or running a business, the Holy Spirit stands ready to guide, empower, and teach. 


How does the concept of God teaching David’s hands to war apply in your life?

Apply the Word

To let God teach you, do two things. First, acknowledge Him as your Teacher. Second, consciously yield to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all you do. Invite His wisdom and strength into your daily tasks. And remember, you do not have to see the Spirit giving you a lecture to know He is teaching you.


Which area of your life requires the Lord’s instruction today? Bring it before Him in prayer.

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