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God’s single pill for all diseases

“He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions” (Ps. 107:20 NAS).

Disease is a real ancient enemy of the joy and happiness of mankind. It has caused tremendous havoc, and continues to do so. It shortens lives, prematurely ends destinies, and creates untold pain and suffering. The Church in this modern era faces the gigantic challenge to see healing for our bodies as a distinct, clear provision for humanity from the work of Christ.

Disease came into the life of man only after sin did. This implies disease originated because something went wrong in the spirit of man from Adam. Disease and healing have deeper spiritual roots than we often acknowledge.

Modern medicine has given us tremendous relief through the work of science. Thank God for doctors and medications, otherwise there is a great chance that most of the world’s population would have died off. However, God wants us to understand that He has made an even better option available to man. God’s Word is medication for the body of man. As we take the Word into our spirit (heart), it releases the power to heal our bodies. It is a single pill that works for all disease!


Did Jesus give us physical healing as much as He gave us forgiveness? See Matt. 8:16-17.


If you want to recover from a disease, take the pills your doctor has prescribed for you. Quite simple. Well, the same is true of God’s medication. Take His pill as prescribed! Learn to fill your heart with the Word and it will produce health and healing in your body. If you are sick, gather all (yes, all you can find) the scriptures on healing and begin to feed and declare them.


Thank the Lord for making provision for the healing of our bodies.

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