For They Were Fishermen

“And as He walked by the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen.” (Mk. 1:16 NKJ.)

Jesus saw Simon Peter and his brother throwing a net into the sea. The Bible adds an interesting phrase there: “for they were fishermen.” Fishermen throw their nets into the sea to catch fish. No one ever gets wowed or angry when they see fishermen using their nets to fish. That is what they do. It is interesting that we are having a hard time grasping this simple truth when it comes to our relationship with the unsaved.

Fishermen fish and sinners sin! We get furious with sinners when they sin and sometimes go even further by expecting them to live right. But this is what sinners do: They sin, and it should not get you mad with them!

The scriptures say Lot vexed his righteous soul each day when he looked at the gross sinfulness of Sodom (2 Pet. 2:8.) As saints, seeing sin will always hurt you. We will have to bear this until Jesus comes. So get your heart ready to be vexed! It is part of the cross we will carry with the Savior to see these sinners and not throw them into hell, but rather seek to rescue them.

If your heart is so hurt by sin, what about God who is the perfection of righteousness? If God thought the way we do, all sinners on the earth would instantly be thrown into hell. However, His grace creates an atmosphere for them to come and be saved. Do not ask if they have lost their minds. Pray for them. Share the gospel with them. That is the only hope. Sinners sin, and cannot be righteous. That is their nature. Their only hope is to be saved.


Do you also get upset when sinners sin?


Pray and preach the gospel to sinners today! That is their only hope to be rescued from sin.


Ask God for the grace to not be angry against sinners, but against the sin.

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