Do you have enough oil for yourself?

They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them (Matthew 25:3, KJV)

The parable of the ten virgins in Matt 25 has a lesson for every one of us in these days of the coronavirus. Jesus told the story to teach us about spiritual preparedness. He said ten virgins went to meet the bridegroom with their lamps. Five were wise and took extra oil with them, while five were foolish and did not have extra oil. At midnight when the bridegroom came, the foolish ran out of oil and begged for oil from the wise. The five wise virgins politely refused and said what they had will not be enough for both of them and recommended the foolish go and buy oil for themselves. While the foolish went to buy oil, the bridegroom came and took just the five virgins who were ready. 

What does oil represent symbolically? It is the operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives, in power and wisdom. It is what we call the anointing. The lamps which are shining represent our lives. Our light represents our works, or the expressions of the Holy Spirit through us, eg in the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We all want to shine. God has commanded us to shine. However, it takes oil to shine. All of us want to be full of God’s power and presence. All of us will like to be full of joy, peace, love, patience, etc. Do you know what these tell us?  We all want to shine! However, you cannot shine without oil, meaning the operation of the Holy Spirit in your life! This is the dilemma of many of God’s precious children.

The five foolish virgins ran out of oil!! They approached the wise, believers who have built their lives upon the solid rock of the Word, and begged for oil. What does it mean to beg for oil? It means asking for help from believers who have a tangible operation of the Holy Spirit to solve the crisis in their lives. There are pastors who never sleep at night because the members are begging for prayer here and there for this problem or for that. Do you know what that means? The members are asking for oil! That pastor probably spends hours in God’s presence in prayer and feeding on God’s words. The average believer does not. When he or she runs into trouble, they seek a man or woman of God who can pray for them for some breakthrough. The average believer in most parts has been reduced to a breakthrough or miracle seeker from some man of God or prophet.

God ordains ministers like me not to be your store of oil but to equip you to have enough oil for yourself. As a minister, I am not ordained by God to be a MEDIATOR between you and God. That was the role of  the prophets of the Old Testament that has sadly been carried over into the Church of God today. The blessing of the Church of Christ is that every one of His children has His Spirit and He wants to everyone of them to know Him intimately and walk with Him. Ministers are given as a blessing to the believer to equip them, and not to make the believers dependent on them for oil every time they need one.

God will use this coronavirus disaster to teach believers to grow  their  faith. Make use of the blessing of the fivefold ministry given to us to help you grow in the faith. Do not be a “spiritual beggar”, always looking for someone with oil to give you some or always asking for prayer for one trouble or another. There is a season you will need oil from other people. However, God expects that after a while, you should be the one distributing oil. Rather than waking up your pastor at midnight asking for prayer because of a demonic attack, God wants you to be able to get up at night and deal with that demon yourself at home because you have oil and instead tell the Church the next day as a testimony!

I have repeated this so many times. Oil is produced by the three-fold cord God has given us: the Word, fellowship with the Spirit in prayer and fellowship with other believes who will help build you up. Make sure you have enough oil for yourself. Get out of the “spiritual beggar mentality” of always looking for someone with oil to help you. Tap into the blessing of the prophets in the Church to get the oil of hearing God’s voice for yourself. Tap into the minister of the Teacher to gain an understanding of the Word. Tap into the minster of the evangelist to win souls. Etc. That is God’s plan for you and the Church. Please ensure you always enough oil!


What is oil as described above? What does it mean that the five  foolish virgins begged for oil from the wise.


Do you want to shine? There is no shining without oil! Take hold of the three-fold cord I described above and create enough oil until it drips from your body!


Ask the Lord to help you ensure your face never lacks oil to shine. 

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