You Need Oil to Burn and Shine

And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always (Exod. 27:20 KJV)

Burning candle

Oil was needed for the Lampstand in the Holy place of the Tabernacle to burn with fire and produce light. In today’s world, we would say electricity is required to cause the light bulbs to shine. The concept of the oil, lamp, and light is critical for you to understand. The oil causes the lamp to burn and glow. No oil, no fire, and no light.

 Light represents the manifestation of the life of God in and through us. It is not limited to knowledge. It is an experience of life. Healing is light, disease is darkness. Depression is darkness, joy is light. Freedom is light, bondage is darkness. We all want the experience of the light. But there is one problem. And this is a headache and the dilemma of the Church today. Many Christians want to shine without oil. This is not possible. It is not possible to shine with the manifestation and the experience of the blessings of salvation without oil.  Oil represents the anointing of the Spirit operating in and through us. The power of the Spirit is the dynamo that powers the Christian life. How so many believers are left frustrated with the Christian life because they are trying to shine, but have no oil!

I guess you want to shine as much as every other believer out there. Are you willing to create oil from the olives? No oil, no shining. Oil will cause your face to shine. Invest in the oil!


Is there a process of creating oil from olives? How does that apply to you and the power of the Holy Spirit? 


Oil is generated primarily through three avenues: the Word, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians, with the first two being of primary importance. There are no shortcuts in  Christianity. If you want to shine, oil is a must. The choice is yours, to either create oil and shine by the power of the Spirit or continue to try by your efforts. 


Ask the Lord to open your understanding to see these things and show you how to put His Word to work in your life.

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