Christ Our Wisdom 

But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption (1 Corinthians 1:30 KJV)

If you say Christ gives us wisdom, you are perfectly in line with scripture. However, Christ giving us wisdom is only tasting a sniff of the full aroma of a profound truth. Christ does not only give wisdom. He is wisdom to us.

As discussed in Deshen Daily  “Christ Our Strength,” Christ is the power of God working in us. But note the jaw-dropping revelation from Paul above: God made Christ our wisdom. Scripture reveals that Jesus, as the Word of God, is the very wisdom of God. Since He has always been wisdom, we would not expect Him to be made wisdom again. But God made Him—who has always been wisdom—to be wisdom to us. It is one thing for Christ to be wisdom, and it is another for Him to be wisdom to us. So whatever the wisdom in us is, God has made Christ to become it! 

Therefore the wisdom that is in you as a believer is Christ. When we exercise wisdom in any capacity, we are living Christ’s life. Oh, what a life! As I mentioned before, we are yet to see the fullness of what God has created called the new creature. The world is yet to see the full glory of the sons and daughters of God!

But how is Christ our wisdom? In the same way, He is the power that works in us. He came as the Holy Spirit and functions in us not only as of the spirit of power but as the spirit of wisdom. Wisdom is spirit just like power as described in “Christ Our Strength.” See it beautifully illustrated here: 

And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake.” (Acts 6:10 KJV)

As you grow in wisdom, increasing in the spirit of wisdom, Christ increases in your heart. Picture what your life will look like with divine insight into life’s situations, and always knowing what you ought to do in every case to have the desired results. Christ is your wisdom, and that wisdom is not limited to “Christian things”  but includes all its facets and applications. Of course, its primordial role is for you to know the will of God, but it also spills over into every other aspect of your life. For instance, helping you understand what to do to solve that marriage crisis, overcome fear, break free from poverty and want, improve your health, etc.

So Christ not only gives us wisdom, but He is our wisdom. We are wired to be victorious from the new birth. Arise, shine, for your light indeed is come!

What is the difference between  Christ as wisdom and Christ as our wisdom?

Apply the Word

Let Christ fill your heart! Let the Holy Spirit fill you with power and wisdom so that you can function on earth as Christ functioned while He was still living here. This is why we grow spiritually. We fill our hearts with the Word and spend time with Him in prayer and fellowship with other believers so that Christ will be fully formed in us. Let Christ increase in your life!

Thank the Father for making Christ to both wisdom and power to us.

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