As Newborn Babes, Desire the Sincere Milk of the Word

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby (1 Pet. 2:2 KJV)

What is the one and most fundamental thing a newborn needs to grow? It is milk! The child may have super parents, but without milk, growth will not take place. The Lord compares your spiritual life to that of a newborn child.   The fundamental element that you need to grow spiritually is milk, the Word of God. You may attend a beautiful Church with a charismatic pastor. You may be very busy with multiple spiritual activities. However, what determines whether you will move from being a newborn to an infant, and then to a toddler, etc., is what you are personally feeding on from the Word.

If you have ever cared for a newborn or infant, you probably have seen the reality of what this scripture is saying. When a newborn wants to eat, to them, life should come to a standstill until they have eaten. Nothing else matters to them at that moment! This is the passion, hunger, and desire the Lord wants us to have for the Word.

He adds “sincere milk,” because not everything out there in the name of the Word is the sincere milk of the Word. You have to feed on the real thing, the unadulterated and undiluted Word of God, otherwise you will feed your brain, listen to sermons or even read multiple books and nothing happens to you. Human words cannot produce divine results in your life. 

The Lord stirs up a holy hunger in your heart this year for the sincere milk of the Word!


What is the difference between the milk of the Word and the meat of the Word in Her. 5:12-14?


Do you have a hunger for the Word? In my experience, I have noted that the more you feed on the Word, the more the hunger for more is stirred. Similarly, the hunger for the Word slowly dissipates when we stay without feeding on it. If you find out that you sincerely do not have a hunger for the Word, you should ask the Spirit to help you and take the first step to start feeding on it. It will birth a hunger in your heart all by itself!


Ask the Spirit to help you cultivate a healthy desire and longing for the Word. 

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