The Devotional Life : Cultivating an Intimate Relationship with God through His Word and Prayer

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Longing for God? Transform your Bible Study and Prayer into Daily Encounters with Him.

God has placed a distinctive imprint in the hearts of His children—a deep yearning to know Him personally and intimately. Yet for many believers, this longing remains unsatisfied: they struggle daily with the practical reality of always longing for God yet never being fulfilled in their relationship with Him.

Many are dissatisfied with their walk with the Lord, knowing there could be more. They often face spiritual dryness or emptiness rather than experiencing the fullness they know the Lord wants for them. Some attempt to read the Bible or pray as they know they should, but often, it becomes a lifeless routine devoid of the personal relationship with the Father they long to nurture. Others are unsure how to engage in Bible study effectively or are overwhelmed by work and family demands.

Furthermore, in this era of the rise of daily devotionals, some believers seeking this daily fellowship with the Lord earnestly read well-written devotionals but rarely experience the personal, life-changing devotional time with God Himself their hearts long for.

Here is where “The Devotional Life” comes in. This inspirational book guides you in cultivating a rich, intimate relationship with the Lord through His Word and prayer. Dr. Patrick Oben merges his meticulousness as a physician with the clarity of a Bible teacher to offer deep and easy-to-understand insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of personal prayer and Bible study.

This book differs from many other Christian books for the following reasons:

  • Unique Approach: It is not just a daily devotional or a typical guide on Bible study and prayer but goes beyond to offer profound insights into what true devotional life really is, providing a renewed perspective on personal prayer and Bible study.
  • Comprehensive: Merges deep biblical truths with actionable steps, surpassing the scope of standard books on spiritual growth.
  • Adaptable: Ideally suited for busy lives, making it a perfect faith-based book.
  • All-encompassing: Tailored for every stage of faith, from newcomers to long-standing believers.

Here is what you will receive after reading this book:

  • Deepen your relationship with God, fulfilling your yearning to know Him intimately.
  • Acquire valuable insights into personal prayer and Bible study.
  • Master devotional Bible study, reshaping your understanding of Scripture.
  • Learn to discern God’s voice during quiet moments.
  • Develop a personalized devotional routine.
  • Eradicate spiritual dryness, dispelling feelings of emptiness.

Ideal for:

  • Anyone looking for Christian books centered on effective and impactful devotional practices.
  • Individuals who need faith-based books with practical steps for spiritual growth.
  • Those aspiring for a closer walk with God through inspirational reading.
  • Believers seeking practical men’s Bible study books.
  • Readers searching for inspirational books that are perfect gifts for moms, sisters, or wives.

Embark on a transformative journey with “The Devotional Life,” guiding you to cultivate intimacy with God through effective personal Bible study and prayer routines. Ideal for both young and seasoned Christians, this book is a vital ally in deepening your walk with the Holy Spirit. Immerse yourself in its insights to elevate and transform your relationship with God.

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1 review for The Devotional Life : Cultivating an Intimate Relationship with God through His Word and Prayer

  1. Patrick Oben (verified owner)

    Dear Dr. Oben,

    I had a challenge in posting my review of your book on Amazon and just thought I should post it here.

    “In the past three decades I have read many books and listened to several messages on the subject of Knowing God. I have never found an invaluable resource on this all-important topic until I read THE DEVOTIONAL LIFE by Dr. Patrick Oben. The book offers deep insights into what a Christian must do to have an intimate relationship with God. The author kicks off with an illustration that every Christian is like a tree : either a withering tree or flourishing tree. Where a tree is planted determines its output. He made it plain that a Christian who is committed to a consistent study of the Word of God and prayer will be like a tree planted by the riverbank. A Christian who wants to experience the flourishing of the righteous cited in Psalm 92: 12 must embrace the devotional life. It is all about cultivating the habit of spending solitary time in fellowship with God in prayer and His word.
    Dr Oben recognized the role of devotionals but states clearly that the devotional life is not about reading them daily. He observed that our culture is increasingly hostile to a thriving relationship with God and ” Anyone seeking a profound relationship with God must swim against the current.”
    The author describes God’s word as spiritual food which a child of God must feed on but there won’t be nourishment until it passes through three essential stages: (1) Acquiring knowledge (2) Establishing knowledge in our hearts and (3) Receiving divine virtues.
    Nothing good comes easy. Dr Oben stated pointedly that ” the journey towards a deep and enriching devotional life is an intense spiritual battle.” It demands Consecration, wholehearted commitment, surrender, sacrifice and discipline.
    The book provides practical guidance on how to study the Bible and explains the different methods of bible study. Do you know the correct meaning of meditation and how to do it? You will find the answers in the book.
    Prayer is the other part of a healthy devotional life. A combination of God’s Word as spiritual food and prayer as spiritual exercise will build our spiritual muscles. Any Christian who is unable to pray fervently will learn from this book how to overcome those challenges. Many of us rush out of God’s presence the moment we finish our communion with Him. Dr Oben highlights the importance of Quiet Waiting in the devotional life- it means being still before God while waiting for His direction.

    A vibrant devotional life is not achieved by mere wish. It requires an action plan. The author offers pragmatic suggestions on how to nurture a flourishing devotional practice.

    The book is reader-friendly. I really love the audits, takeaways and quizzes with which the author concluded every chapter of the book. The takeaways serve as quick reminders of the key issues discussed in each chapter while the audits are useful tools for personal evaluation by the reader.

    The Devotional life is not a book to read once. You have to reread it frequently to grasp the truths unpacked in it. I’m definitely buying copies of the book as gifts for my friends and family.

    May the Lord bless Dr Patrick Oben richly for this great work.”

    Olatunde Adejuyigbe
    Lagos, Nigeria.

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