Your Tool to Reign in Life

“He who guards his mouth preserves his life” (Prov. 13:3 NKJ).

You are not ready to reign in this life until you have a working understanding of the Word of God and the power of your words. The universe has divine characteristics embedded in it (Rom 1:20). Our ability to speak and the words from our mouths are only a picture of how God operates. God rules, governs, and controls the visible and invisible worlds by speaking. His Word defines reality and sustains life.

Your mouth, in turn, is the most important physical tool you have to control the realm of the spirit around you. The Word of God in your mouth is fire to devour Satan and his demons, but also a powerful instrument to build your life. I have noticed that believers find it hard to understand the preeminence of words in the realm of the spirit. Some think it appears too simplistic, naïve, or even dogmatic. Yet we are trying to affirm that God created the world by speaking. On the flip side, speaking negative things in your life will turn the realm of the spirit to work against you. There are no jokes or cultural slang in the spirit realm. For example, I hear some people say, “I am sick as a dog.” To them, this might be a cool way to speak, but they have no clue what spiritual powers they are mustering to make them as sick as a dog, just as they said. Guard your mouth. God means what He says: death and life are in the power of the tongue (Prov. 18:21). Do not keep silent, but rather begin to speak God’s Word over your circumstances.


Are you conscious of your words? Think about this.


Start speaking life to your body, finances, relationships, etc. Make up your mind never to speak any negative word over your life or someone else’s as you go out today!


Ask the Spirit to purge your mouth from all cursing or bitter words.

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