Why the World Dislikes the Resurrection

And when they were assembled with the elders, and had taken counsel, they gave large money unto the soldiers, Saying, Say ye, His disciples came by night, and stole him away while we slept.”(Matthew 28:12–13 KJV)

Christianity hinges on the resurrection of Christ. Though each aspect of Christ’s work is essential for salvation, the resurrection uniquely alters the spiritual landscape for humanity. The Apostle Paul articulates this starkly: without Christ’s resurrection, our faith is futile, leaving us trapped by sin( 1 Corinthians 15:17).

Years ago, while watching a film about Jesus during the Easter season, I was surprised by a peculiar cinematic choice: the resurrection scene lasted less than 15 seconds. In contrast, the movie exceeded 60 minutes, with Christ’s suffering and crucifixion being unmistakably emphasized. This was not a mere oversight or innocent omission but a decision with deep implications.

Jesus endured immense suffering and was crucified for our sins. While this is essential, He was not the only individual to be crucified by the Romans. His suffering and death, though profoundly significant, do not distinguish Him from other men or religious leaders who have endured similar fates. The world, including the film industry, readily depicts Jesus as a historical religious leader who was crucified, giving extensive coverage to His trials and suffering.

However, the resurrection stands apart for several reasons. Firstly, it affirms that Jesus was not just a man but truly the Son of God (Romans 1:4), distinguishing Him from historical religious figures or founders who passed away. He is God incarnate. Secondly, it validates Jesus’s identity and mission; He is indeed the Savior who came to redeem humanity from their sins.

Accepting the resurrection while rejecting the truthfulness of Jesus’s person and work is impossible. The world readily depicts Jesus as a historical figure who suffered, thereby equating Him with other men. However, acknowledging or depicting the resurrection introduces questions and concerns that many prefer to avoid. Yet, the pinnacle of Jesus’s life, the Easter story, and His passion is not His death but His resurrection.

Observing Christ’s sufferings deeply moves us as we watch these movies with a mix of horror and awe of what Jesus willingly endured for our sake. Yet, witnessing His resurrection brings unspeakable joy, indescribable hope, and incomprehensible faith. In that same film, I recall the crowd’s cheers and shouts, even for only five seconds, as Jesus was depicted rising from the dead. This brief portrayal captured the essence of the resurrection: a triumphant declaration of victory, the joy of salvation, and a definitive message of defeat to Satan and death.

Efforts to diminish the significance of the resurrection are not a recent development. They originated with the Pharisees and religious leaders who bribed the guards who witnessed Jesus’ resurrection, instructing them to claim His disciples had stolen His body. Such actions are deplorable, showcasing a preference for maintaining their theological stance and judgment against Jesus despite undeniable evidence of God’s intervention.

Embrace the resurrection boldly. The empty tomb stands as a testament to our victory over sin, disease, demons, poverty, shame, guilt, and more.


Why does the resurrection pose a challenge to the world?

Apply the Word

Satan strives to obscure the resurrection, understanding its significance as the source of our victorious power. Open your heart to fully grasp and fully accept the magnitude of Christ’s resurrection.


Ask the Spirit to deepen your understanding of Christ’s resurrection.

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