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The Dangers of a Men-Pleasing Attitude

For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ  (Galatians 1:10, KJV)

Men pleasers are people who have a high priority in their lives to please other people, doing what they want, making sure their perception of them is always right, trying to avoid anyone from being angry with them, etc. The word “men” here is a generic term for all humanity or people in general, and not exclusive to the male gender.  This attitude is a snare and a trap for whoever is living this way.  The Apostle Paul says above that if his goal was to please people, doing what they wanted from him, he certainly would not be an Apostle doing what God wants.

If you try to please people, you will undoubtedly forfeit your joy and  God’s ultimate purpose in your life. This is not saying you should be offending people or become malicious in life. There are times you will do things that will please people. The key is that pleasing people should not be the goal or number one priority. There are many reasons for this, but one worth mentioned is that people might not always want what God wants for your life. If Paul wanted to do what the Jews in Jerusalem would have wanted him to do, he would certainly not be an Apostle of Christ.

I once got trapped in the people-pleasing game. I wanted to do what people wanted me to do. I quickly realized I was getting burned out and I stopped immediately. Thank God I promptly came to My senses. This applies not only to our relationship with Good but to each other. There are many times that if you do what people would rather want you to do, you will forfeit doing what God has called you to do. It is most striking how many times His purposes and plans in our lives do not match up with our plans talk less of the plans of others for our lives.

God’s will should always be your driving force. It will protect you from people.  It will keep you from wearing yourself out trying to make everyone like you or think well about you. Some people will just not like you in life for reasons you will never know. Just let them be. It is not your ministry to make them like you. God loves and likes you, and that is enough! Love them anyways and move on! 

The crowd is dangerous. They will cheer you today and crucify you tomorrow.  Beware of a men-pleasing attitude.


Are you getting burnt out trying to please everybody around you at the expense of God’s commandment in your life?


God is your priority. He is the One you want to please. Seek to please Him as your priority, and not people or even yourself.


Ask the Lord to help you break away from every men-pleasing attitude. 

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