The Hand of God

Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand (Ps. 89:13 KJV)

The Hand of God showing a man's fist

You will find the expression “hand of God”  frequently used in the scriptures, or some variation of it such as “the arm of the Lord.” What do these expressions mean? The first thing you must recognize is that the terms “hands” or “arms” are bodily parts which are being attributed to God. God in His being as spirit does not have a physical body, and it is sometimes hard for us to comprehend that. Jesus said, “a spirit does not have flesh and bones.”  Theologians have called this “anthropopathaea”, meaning we use bodily attributes to describe divine qualities.

What then is the hand of God? Ps 89:13 above gives us the meaning of the hand of God. It is primarily God’s power or authority. The hand of God is the means by which He accomplishes what He wants to do just as you use your hands to perform your daily tasks. God’s hand is His power. He accomplishes His purposes by His mighty power.

It gets even more exciting. His Word is His power gone forth to accomplish His purposes ( Isa. 55:11). His Word is His hand! He accomplishes His tasks by speaking! In Isaiah 53:1, He calls the Messiah the “arm of the Lord”. That means Jesus( the Word) is the Hand or Arm of God sent out to save humanity. He is the power of God to save us. By extension, God also uses men to accomplish His purposes. Therefore the believer in Christ is also an extension of His hand! The Lord has extended His hands to save humanity. His power has gone forth to deliver us from every bondage and bring us into His glory!


Can you see the mystery of the literal and figurative usage of the “hand of God”  in this verse Matt: 8:3?


God’s hand is upon you, and you are the hand of God in the world right now to save men and women! God’s hand is already stretched forth, so manifest that power in every aspect of your life!


Thank the Lord for His mighty hand that is upon us.

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