The blessing of our freewill

And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat (Genesis 2:16 KJV)

the permissive will of god

Freedom is a gift from God to every human being. He created us to be free moral agents. That freedom is expressed in our capacity to choose or make decisions based on what we want. Many of us might immediately become uncomfortable with this idea knowing full well the necessity for dying to self and following what God wants. However, these two must not be mistaken. Human freedom, the liberty to choose or decide for ourselves, is not evil. It is from God and a blessing for humanity.  

Our free will is important both in our relationship with God and Satan. God has not commanded us to destroy or eradicate our will. Rather He wants us to yield it to Him. He works through our will  that is yielded to become one with His will. Before God works in your life, you need to want or desire it. Your desires and choices matter spiritually. 

With respect to Satan, the converse is true.Adam  lost  his freedom or authority to Satan and sin at the Fall. Bondage or slavery is holding people in a state or condition which is contrary to what they want. The captives or slaves do no have the power to choose because their masters overpower them. For example, though a  person might not want to suffer from an addiction, poverty or a  terminal disease,  they might not have the privilege or liberty to say “no”. 

Christ has restored our authority and freedom. You can choose to say no to sin, Satan or the corruption of the world.


Why is it that even though people do not want to be sick, they do not always have the liberty or freedom to say no? Do you think this how Adam lived before the Fall? What would you change in your life right away if you had the power to do so now?


Christ delivered us from captivity and restored not only our prior authority and freedom but gave us the greatest authority in the world— His own authority. Yield yourself that is, your freedom and authority to God. When our new bodies will be given to us, there will be no need to surrender to God as we do today in the flesh. We will be free to live perfectly in God’s will for all eternity, better than what Adam had before the Fall!


Ask the Father to help you properly manage the freedom He has given to you and not allow Satan use it to ruin your life and God’s plans for you. 

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