Renewing  Our Strength to Mount up as Eagles

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31 KJV)

Unlike God, whose power and strength never diminish, our strength is finite. It diminishes and therefore needs to be repleted. A crucial part of our physical and spiritual life is to know how to renew our strength.

Have you ever run out of strength amid a task?  It could be physical or psychological strength. For instance, some people might begin an exercise program and run out of strength to continue; and therefore have to stop. Others run out of psychological strength in a life’s challenge. Ever heard someone say, “I cannot take this anymore”, or “I just can’t do this anymore”? They are simply saying they have run out of courage, inspiration, motivation, love, joy, peace, etc., to continue the task at hand.

Some Christians have run out of strength for the Christian journey. They might not voice it to anyone, but they cannot see themselves “doing this anymore”. Similarly, many ministers ran out of strength for ministry; the repeated ministry challenges, assaults, discouragements, etc., deplete their spiritual strength. Many have quit the ministry.

We need our strength to be renewed for the Christian life and ministry. In Isaiah 40:31, Isaiah gives us a crucial factor in renewing our spiritual strength—waiting upon the Lord. If you wait on the Lord, you will renew your strength and mount up with wings as eagles. 

If you are feeling spiritually tired or wearied, it is a sign that you need to renew your strength; otherwise, you might break down on the way or be tempted to quit.

Wait on the Lord and renew your strength every single day.


Are you spiritually tired and wearied?

Apply the Word

The power that sustains the Christian life or ministry is not physical but spiritual. Do not let anything cut you off from that place of spiritual renewal.


Ask the Father to help renew your strength and rekindle your fire for Him.

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