A Random Bible Verse To Inspire You!

Why a Random Bible Verse?

Sometimes, the Lord will give you a single verse that will make the difference between joy and sadness, peace and anxiety, fear and courage, victory or defeat, etc. When the Lord speaks to us and gives us a specific word that applies to the specific circumstance we are facing, that Word is called Rhema. The Bible has about 31,000 verses and not every verse would impact you, in the same way, every day. But when you encounter the verse that God is speaking to you for that day, it will resonate and shake everything inside you!

Random Bible verse image showing Bible glowing

The random Bible verse above certainly will not speak to everyone to the same extent, but amongst those who are reading these posts today, there are some that God is going to speak to the very core of their hearts by using a single Bible verse.

What Happens when God speaks to you

One minister once said that the issue with us is that believers have heard so much about God and not many have heard from God. And interestingly, the issue is not that God does not speak to us His children. Many of us have not been trained to hear His voice. The real purpose of seeking a random Bible verse is to hear God’s voice for you behind His written Word. The Lord has been speaking to you — You can be 100% certain about this. Whether you recognized His voice and heard Him is a completely different question. Jesus made the emphatic statement below about you, His sheep

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: (Jn. 10:27 KJV)

If you are His sheep, then you hear His voice! It is a matter to learning how to recognize and discern His voice amidst the million voices you hear each day.

There are two very brief posts I will recommend you read at this point:

  1. How to receive a   Rhema Word  for yourself every day
  2. How to hear God’s voice.
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