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Mystery of communion with God

Let the words of my mouth, And the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer (Psalm 19:14 KJV)

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The Psalmist prayed that the words he speaks and the meditations or thoughts of his heart would be acceptable to the LORD. He pictures his words and thoughts as a sacrifice being offered to God, which He would accept as approval and receive as well-pleasing. Let me focus on the aspects of the thoughts.

The Psalmist says here that our thoughts are a sacrifice that could be acceptable and well-pleasing to God as a sacrifice. This is a profound statement. Herein lies a mystery of prayer, that is, communion or fellowship with God. Prayer is more than asking things from God. The deepest and most critical aspect of prayer, all prayer, is the fellowship with God, which is a mystery in itself.

Man’s heart was created with the capacity to commune with God. Communion means connecting, being together, and communicating with God. Please note where this communion works out  on a practical basis. It begins with the meditations of the heart, that is, your thoughts. God has created us with the ability to commune with Him embedded right in the capacities of the human mind. That means, once you start thinking and focusing on God, in the realm of the spirit, communion with Him is being established on a practical basis. This is the communion you should build 24/7. It is becoming conscious of God’s presence( which is  God in your thoughts), learning to talk with Him and letting your heart be an altar of communion, worship, and praise that is acceptable and well-pleasing to God.


What is the meaning of “the meditation of the heart”? What is the relationship between outworking or the practice of fellowship with God and our minds?


Do you know that every single time your mind focuses on God, you get into a mood of practical fellowship or prayer? I pray you to catch this! Grow in this consciousness!


Ask the Spirit to help you grow in your communion with Him 24/7. 

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