Led By The Spirit

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law (Gal. 5:18 ESV)

led by the spirit

We are led by the Spirit when the Holy Spirit guides and powers our lives, including our thoughts, words, and actions. This is in contrast to being led by the flesh, which does not necessarily mean sinful inclinations. Being led by the flesh simply means that your life is guided and powered by your own thoughts and ways rather than relying on God.

The Spirit will lead you to think, speak, and act, if you let Him. The Holy Spirit’s leading is not typically as dramatic as some so called “hyper-pentecostals” might make it appear. Jesus was not a “pentecostal”. Even though there was no drama around His day-to-day life, every single word and action in His life was indeed led by the Spirit. Nevertheless, the Spirit will sometimes cause drama! The day of Pentecost was full of drama and holy chaos all over Jerusalem!

If you want to be led by the Spirit, it means you are willing to follow His direction. When the Spirit leads, you follow. The Spirit can only lead those who are surrendered, and willing to follow. For example, if the Word tells you to forgive someone, and you instead do whatever you prefer, then you cannot be led by the Spirit. To be led, you must be surrendered, and willing to follow. Until you can be led, you are not ready for the life of glory.


Think about the two concepts above: leading vs. following. Declare that “I am a child of God, and I am led by the Spirit. I surrender completely to His guidance and control”.


Can you surrender to follow the Spirit’s leading? You cannot be led by the Spirit if you control your life by your own will. Surrender requires revelation and spiritual enablement. We need to seek God constantly to help us, because we can not do it out of our own flesh.


Cry out to God to help you surrender your heart o Him. Yielding to His Spirit is the best thing you can ever do!

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