Knowing the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge

And to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19 ESV)

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The knowledge of the love of Christ is the stepping stone to be filled with the fullness of God. Paul prayed that we should come to know the love of Christ and then adds an astonishing phrase “that surpasses knowledge.” How do we know what is beyond knowledge?

It is important to understand the relationship between “to know” and “knowledge”. The verb “to know” describes the action of coming to know, and that which results from this knowing is “knowledge” ( a noun). The Greek language’s beauty shines here as it can distinguish different types of knowledge that Hebrew or English cannot. The Greek for “to know” above is “gnosko” which is the action or process of knowing and the knowledge that results from gnosko is gnosis.

Gnosko is coming to know something or someone through experience or effort. It is acquiring knowledge through observation of someone or through the senses. Paul prayed that we might gnosko Christ’s love, that is, come to know Him through experiences where you could see for yourself Christ’s love demonstrated practically in life’s affairs. This is not a revelation knowledge of Christ’s love. It is knowledge you acquire after Christ has taken you through some stuff in life. You cannot read it in a book or receive it from a sermon. You know it after Christ reached out and loved you out of that addiction, sickness, emotional wreck, financial headache or even seeing His love revealed to you in showing you with His presence and power every single day.

Paul says this kind of knowledge gained through gnosko(which is gnosis) surpasses knowledge ( he uses gnosis still!). You can get the sense that He wants us to know Him in a way that is beyond mere intellectual knowledge. In fact, you get to know Christ in a way that you cannot even teach it using human words because it is beyond the ability of intellectual communication! This is no way means your mind is not involved or it is some mysterious knowledge that comes upon you. No!  You will come to know(including the head knowledge) from an experiential standpoint the breath, length, depth, and height of Christ’s love. This is the knowledge that leads to the fullness of God, the fullness of His sweet presence and power overwhelming your life!


What is the relationship between gnosko and gnosis as described above? Please take a moment to read that verse slowly and say it out to yourself.


The gnosko of Christ’s love begins with an awareness of that love and in learning to focus on His love in all life’s circumstances. Then learn to see His love and allow it to govern your words and actions.


Please pray that you will come to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. 

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