Joy Cometh in the Morning

For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning  (Psalm 30:5, KJV)

The verse above brings out a remarkable interplay of related words in scripture. The Psalmist here is talking about the relationship between light and day, as well as night and darkness.  These are metaphorical terms that communicate profound spiritual truths to us.

What we call day or night is a “moment” or a “season.” It is a period. He says above that “His anger endureth but a moment.” There was a period when God was angry. So the idea being communicated by “day” or “night” here is that of a  season or period. What then makes the difference between day or night? It is the presence or absence of light.

Light is associated with the day, and darkness is related to the night. So we can say that the day is a period or a season of life when there is light. Similarly, the night is a period or season when there is darkness! Now, unto the best part of it. What is light in this context? Please retake a look at the verse. What did the Lord associate with day and night? He says there is weeping in the night but joy in the morning! He is telling us that what He calls light or darkness in this context are our experiences of life. Joy is light. The same is true about peace, prosperity, safety, health, etc. The season in your life when there are these experiences of life is what is called “Day.” Similarly, the season when there is weeping, pain, sin, grief, disease, depression, gloom, is called  “night.”

Some of you reading this devotional might be experiencing days in your homes while others might be in the night. Some people are on days in their health while others are on the night.

However, He says to us, that though weeping might endure for a night, joy is coming in the morning when your day dawns!! This is the life of every child of God as you walk with Him and trust Him. You may be in the night seasons in your relationships, spiritual life, health, etc now. However, the Lord says the morning is coming! Trust Him. His Word is the Light that makes the day to dawn, so trust His Word. There is a reason to rejoice, even if you are passing through the night right now. The Lord says the night is a season and you should rejoice because joy is coming in the morning!!!


Please re-read that scripture above and say it out loud as you mutter it, again and again, to get it to sink into your heart. 


The presence of absence of light defines the seasons in our lives. That means the Word at work in your life determines the seasons of your life. We can be sure that every area of life where we walk contrary to the Word in disobedience( shutting off the light), the night will undoubtedly meet us.  We should not make the mistake of living in the dark and expecting joy to come in the morning. No! You walk in the light to see the day dawn! Stay in the Word. Walk in the Word, and though weeping is enduring because of the night, be sure joy is coming as the morning light of day begins to shine in your life.


Thank the Lord for His wonderful grace that carries us through the night seasons of our lives. 

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