How God Visits Us

And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken (Genesis 21:1, KJV)

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A visitation of God never leaves a person, people or nation the same. What a beautiful thing to have God pay us a visit! But how does God visit us? He visits us in two major ways: by His Presence and by His Power. Let me illustrate this using a natural example.

Do you know that as you are reading this devotional, you are having an encounter with me? However, I am not in your home or wherever you are right now but you are having an encounter with me. The power of God upon me through these words can bring about a change in your life without ever meeting me in person. You are having an encounter with me through power. However, if I pay a visit to your home, I will still encounter you only this time in bodily presence. It is the same with the Lord’s visitations. He can visit us in Person or in Power.

Genesis 3 teaches us that God would regularly visit Adam and Eve in the Garden. It was a visitation of the Presence. They did not see anything but heard a sound. His presence can be manifested to us in different ways: fire as in the burning bush, as an angel as the case of Abraham or Jacob, as a cloud or as we find increasingly today as the bodily presence of Jesus walking into believer’s rooms!

The second option is seen in the verse above. God visited Sarah. How? He touched her body by His power and barrenness was broken. An encounter with the power of God is a visitation of power. He can visit your finances, health, family, ministry, etc. One thing is certain after He visits you—something will permanently be changed in your life! 


Genesis 21:1 above presents what scholars call Hebrew parallelism-two clauses that are saying the same thing in different ways. Can you see the meaning of visitation in the same verse above? Compare the first clause to the second.


 Be conscious of how God visits you so you do not miss out or fail to recognize your season of visitation as the Jews did.


Ask the Lord to visit you in every way, in the Presence and the Power. 

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