Go out where it is deeper

When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish” (Luke 5:4 NLT)

Launch out into the deep showing waves of the sea

Jesus gave Simon Peter, who was inside his fishing boat, to go out where the water was deeper and let down his nets to catch some fish. Peter knew, from experience, that Jesus’ instruction did not make sense. However, he obeyed and launched forth to the deep,  throw his nets, and then….the catch was mind-blowing. Peter was shocked to the core.

The catch was miraculous, but the instruction was for Peter to launch into the deep, that is, move a little further to the deeper waters. Big fishes are not found in shallow waters. This principle holds true for both spiritual things and natural things. God’s most precious truths and pearls are not found on the surface. The Lord loves all of us the same, but there are degrees of power and presence reserved only for those with a deeper consecration and walk with Him.

There are varying degrees of revelation and consecration for every walk with God or ministry. Maybe some of you reading this devotional need to go a little deeper with your revelation of Christ for the hunger in your heart. Maybe your revelation of Christ is too shallow, your faith is little or your consecration is too superficial for the degree of glory you hunger and thirst after.  The Lord is calling all of us to launch out into the deep or come up hither!


Was it possible for God to cause the miraculous catch to occur in the shallow waters where Peter’s boat was? Why did Jesus ask Peter to go into the deeper waters? (NB. not given in the text!).


Are you shallow in your career, business,  finance, etc. ? Yes, the best things in life, whether physical or spiritual, are not in shallow waters. The Lord is saying to you, launch out into the deep!  Go deeper in your career or education. Go deeper in your relationship with the Lord. Go deeper in your ministry.


Ask the Spirit to help you launch out into the deep this year. 

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