Follow Me and I will Make You

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men  (Matt. 4:19 KJV)

Follow Me and I will make you image showing a man walking on stone pavement

The disciples were with Jesus for three years, and their lives were never the same thereafter. They were with the Master, observing what He does and how He did it, hearing every teaching and sermon He preached and above all, being in proximity to Him. They followed Jesus, and Jesus made them become world-changers.

In Acts 4:13, when Peter and John spoke with boldness and authority that was entirely unexpected of unlearned fishermen, the astonished Pharisees made a remarkable observation  about them, that “ they had been with Jesus.” Christianity is a  life journey, in which we follow the Master each day, learning from Him. In this journey, He will make us become the mature sons and daughters of God, free from every bondage and fully reflective of God in our character and works. If we would follow Him, He will make us God-like in our behavior. If we would follow Him, He will make us ministers like Him.

There is a supernatural influence that is exerted by proximity. It is almost a spiritual law. You will pick up things from those you hang around with. The Master wants you to hang around with  Him every single day. Follow Him on the path of the Word. Follow Him as you fellowship with other believers and servants of God. Follow Him as you seek Him in prayer. Follow the Master, and He will undoubtedly make you…..


Could you think of one or two prerequisites for following Jesus?( e.g. Mk. 1:18, Luke 9:23) 


Are you following and learning from the Master? He cannot mold and make you from a distance. The proof that you are following is that you are made. You cannot follow and nothing of Him rubs on you! Follow and be made!


Ask the Spirit to help you be a follower of Jesus, learning from Him in every day and becoming

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  1. I am finding the lords word interesting i will send you an email i want to share something with you about my baptism in a couple of days

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