Even Satan knows the Power of Unity!

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? (Matt. 12:26 KJV)

power of unity

Jesus made this powerfully truthful statement regarding the power of unity after performing many miracles, including casting out demons. The Pharisees couldn’t deny the obvious results they’d just witnessed. Instead, they tried to dismiss it with the explanation that Jesus was casting out demons using Satan’s power. Jesus pointed out the error of their reasoning, explaining that “if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided again himself” and his kingdom will not stand.

I’d like to present two key insights relevant to our scripture today. The first is that no kingdom will ever stand together when there is division. In other words, division is the beginning of a fall. That kingdom can be your home, organization, group or even your church. Division is deadly, and it often creeps in so innocently.

The second insight is quite intriguing. Jesus’ statement above clearly implies that Satan’s kingdom is still standing and functioning as a unit, in part because he understands the power of division and does not allow it in his kingdom. If Satan himself knows how bad something can be and would not do it, that should teach us volumes all by itself!

The Church of God has her strength in unity. Your family has its strength in unity. Your organization has its strength in unity. Beware of division.


How did disunity ruin the project to build the Tower of Babel in Gen. 11:7-9? What happens when believers are united (Ps. 133:1-3)?


Would you allow division in your circles if Satan himself would not, as wicked as he is? If there is division in your home or local assembly, resolve it today to restore unity. Without unity, the end will certainly be the kingdom falling part.


Ask the Lord to give us the wisdom and power to live in unity, even if it requires occasionally compromising some our own privileges.

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