Consider Your Ways as the Year Wraps Up

“Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways” (Hag. 1:5 KJV).

During the time while the Temple was being reconstructed, the Lord told the Jews to consider their ways. Essentially, He was commanding them to take a moment to think and reflect deeply to see the reason they were in the situation they found themselves in.

It has been said that only a fool does things the same way and expects a different result. Imagine you were in Chicago and wanted to drive to Atlanta, but took the road to Los Angeles instead. The only way out of that predicament is to realize that you are on the wrong road and change your course. Think of a driver in such a situation who wonders why he is not getting close to Atlanta, but rather than changing his course, he decides to increase his speed! What a waste of resources and time that would be! God wants us to be thoughtful and see why things might not be working in our lives the way they should. Better still, the Holy Spirit inside of you is waiting for you to start considering your ways so He can show you things that you might not know.


Does the verse above apply to you? Do you also have to consider your ways? How can you begin to consider your ways?


Ask the Spirit to give you the wisdom to know how to ponder your ways and not stay on the same course yet expect a different result.


Above, God instructs us to “consider your ways.” You can respond to this Word by starting to ask yourself right now why things are the way they are in your life. If you do this, you will be responding to the Word. This is what faith is. Do not hear God’s Word, enjoy it, and do nothing. Learn to act on it, because that is where the power lies. Act on the Word today!

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