Beware of Satan’s Schemes

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men (Matthew 16:23, KJV)

satan battling with a man

Jesus plainly told His disciples in Caesarea Philippi that He was going to die. Peter, as a concerned and dedicated disciple and follower, was obviously worried about his Master and Friend. He did what all of us would have done. He tried to stop Jesus from doing such an outrageous thing. Everything seemingly was normal until Jesus responded to Peter and unveiled a reality to us that is critical to comprehend fully.

Jesus responded and said, “get behind me, Satan”. What? Did Jesus just call Peter Satan? Certainly not. Herein lies a truth that I find that many believers still struggle to understand. Satan’s activity is not limited to demonic possession or outward oppression. Peter’s actions, though completely NORMAL to every one of us was spiritually influenced. Peter was not possessed. He was not under any Satanic oppression. He was simply influenced by Satan. 

Many of you will be shocked to note how much of such demonic influences are going on in the world today, affecting people’s attitudes, behaviors, actions, words, etc.  They think it is THEM, but are unaware that there is something that is influencing them through THEM as THEM! Satan can influence people’s desires, feelings, thoughts, etc.

Jesus was not reading minds through psychological tactics. It was a spiritual discernment through the Holy Spirit. You cannot TEACH people HOW to do this through steps, etc.  It is through the Holy Spirit. The same instance can be completely normal or be spiritually inspired. There is no  way you can tell except by the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

When God opens the eyes of some of you to see, your jaws might drop as you realize how much is happening in your finances, health, family, etc which appear COMPLETELY NORMAL but is demonically-influenced. Do not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy.


When was the last time you had an attack from the demonic world? Answer this question in light of the devotional above. I know many of you will think of some demonic oppression or night attack, etc. You know know better. The Lord opens your eyes to see!


Be spiritually sensitive. Do not go around seeing Satan in everything. This is not mind-reading or being superstitious but Spirit-sensitive and conscious. If you miss recognizing Satan in all the ways he attacks you, you will suffer from certain things unnecessarily for a long time. Be sober. Be vigilant and subject Satan and his demons in your life.


Ask the Lord to help you become spiritually sensitive to demonic activity in your life and those around you. 

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