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Bearing with one another in love

With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love (Ephesians 4:2 ESV)

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The Apostle Paul by the Spirit reveals a fundamental aspect of brotherly love as he exhorts the Ephesians to bear with each other in love. What does this mean? The Amplified Translation gives us the insight needed to understand this phrase: 

“… with patience, bearing with one another and making allowances because you love one another” (Ephesians 4:2 AMP).

Paul encouraged the believers to make allowances for each other through love. Few things will test our brotherly love for other believers as our reaction or response to their weaknesses and faults. The same is true for our relationship with our husbands or wives children, friends, pastors, etc 

If there is one place where we are failing miserably as the Family of God, it is how we respond to each other’s weaknesses and faults. Love is so easy when there is sunshine, roses everywhere, people treating you perfectly, and behaving the way YOU WANT them to do, etc. However, when people do not fit into what you think they should be or do, then your love will be put to the test.

Bearing with one another is making an allowance to know that people will make mistakes, commit sin, display their weaknesses in many other ways. When they do, we do not reject them but correct them in love as needed; neither do we force them to become what we want, etc.

Bearing with one another is not tolerating someone’s weaknesses or sins. It is not saying sin or the weaknesses are OK, which is a tragedy happening in many Church cicles already. Satan has succeeded to infiltrate our minds with the fear of being labeled as judgmental and many of us keep silent and watch those who are under our authority and influence move way into destruction while we watch and say nothing in fear of being labeled as judgmental. Be careful. God will hold us responsible for not doing or correcting the things which He put under our control.

Nevertheless, bearing with each other’s fault and correcting them or helping them improve in love is a gift we can give to the people around us. Sometimes, they would not want to change, and it is important to know that as much as we might love people, God did not give us the responsibility to make decisions for them. 


What is the difference between bearing each other in love and tolerating or condoning with people’s sins or faults?


I have personally experienced the blessings of the gift of acceptance or bearing each other in love. Few things will drain our spirits as being around someone who always reminds you of your faults or weaknesses. Stay away from such people as much as you can. And do not be that kind of person to the people around you. Bear each other in love, just as someone else is bearing you or as Jesus Himself is bearing you in love.


Ask God for the grace to bear each other in love. 

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1 year ago

I have gone through TWO of your writings:
1. Looking unto Jesus and
2.Bearing with one another in love.
I have been blessed through the writings and wish to subscribe to your devotionals.

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