The power of habits

And he came out and went, as was his custom, to the Mount of Olives, and the disciples followed him (Luke 22:39 ESV)

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We all have habits whether they are working for us or against us. A habit is simply a practice you do regularly and consistently. It is almost as if  we are programmed and will respond predictably when put in similar circumstances. Jesus also had habits. Luke 22:39 calls it His custom. His followers knew He had the habit of spending some time on Mount Olives. They also knew He had a habit of getting up early to spend time with God alone in prayer or even going to the Temple. They knew there were certain things Jesus did regularly and consistently.

Habits are powerful because they are an excellent predictor of what our present and future will look like. Scripture uses the words “road” , “Way” or “path” to describe this concept to us. We all walk in a path, and every path will lead us somewhere. The things we repeatedly do will lead us somewhere, whether we like the destination or not. There is a path to health. If we regularly eat junk food as a habit, that path will lead to heart and blood vessel problems.

There are habits associated with riches and poverty. Similarly, there are habits associated with a healthy spiritual lifestyle, good marriage, etc. Our responsibility is to ensure we adopt habits that lead us to our intended destinations.


What are two financial habits you have that may be working either for you or against you? Do you have habits that are common to poor people or wealthy people? Do you have habits common to people with a healthy and thriving spiritual life?


All of us have habits. The difference is whether those habits are working for us or against us. Habits matter and you should do your best to develop good healthy habits. For example, a habit of daily prayer and feeding on the Word is a path to spiritual growth we emphasize in our ministry. Develop this habit.


Ask the Spirit for the grace to get rid of habits that ruin any part of your life and develop those that are healthy and lead  to the right destination. 

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