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In everything give thanks

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV)

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The LORD instructs us to give thanks to Him in everything. This verse is often misinterpreted as though it said: “for everything.” There is a significant difference in meaning and implications if we replace the word “in” with “for.” Giving thanks to God for everything would mean thanking God for what is from Him and what is not from Him. Certainly not! Not everything that comes our way is from God, and we do not thank God for what Satan is doing! We should not thank God for a disease, Satanic oppression, our fall into some sin, etc.

Thanking God IN everything means we maintain an attitude of gratitude to God for what has previously done for us and what He will do, irrespective of the situation we find ourselves in. There will be perfect times when we feel as though we are on top of the mountain of praise and thanksgiving. We should give thanks in those times. Some situations, however, sometimes make us feel as though God has forgotten about us. We should also give thanks in those circumstances to Him. Even when the enemy attacks us, we should give thanks to the LORD for His defeat of Satan and the victory we have in Him! 

In other words, giving God thanks should be an attitude that is independent of our earthly circumstances. He states in unequivocal terms that this is His will. This is what He wants us to do. 


What is the difference between thanking God for everything and in everything? Use Job’s case as an example.


It can only take the Spirit’s strength to give thanks when you are in deep trouble, like Job. That is no easy task. However, God is training us to respond to Him not based on our earthly circumstances but in the Spirit. That attitude of thanking God always is a miracle door. In everything give thanks for His goodness. 


Tell Him “Thank You,” even if you are in a tight place right now. 

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