Faith receives from grace

“For this reason it is by faith, that it might be in accordance with grace…” (Rom. 4:16 NAS).

God has provided for all the needs of mankind by His grace. He has addressed the needs of our spirit, soul, and body by showing us a kindness that we do not deserve. Grace can be compared to a buffet table with all you need to eat without having to spend a thing. It is all paid for!

God’s method of giving humanity access to what grace has provided is faith. When a person believes God for what He says He has done, they receive what God has already provided for them. Grace is different from works, where we must put in the effort or work to receive our reward. Grace works on our behalf and is free to us all. We only need to receive it by faith.


Look at our key verse above again. Think for a moment about this. Imagine grace as a giving hand and faith as a receiving hand.


Thank the Lord for already providing all that you need by His grace. What do you need now? See that grace has already provided and thank the Lord for it.


If God has already given you all you need by grace, then the first step is to refrain from asking God to do it again! Christ already paid the price that was needed. Can you believe? What are you asking God for? Stop asking, look for His Word that addresses your needs, believe it, act on it, and start thanking God for it! All grace requires is faith!

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