Deshen is a Bible commentary that meets a specific need in the Body of Christ: combining accurate interpretation of the scriptures with the practical experience of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. It is, therefore, both devotional (practical experiences) and exegetical (thorough scholarship). 

I have two firm scriptural convictions that are the foundation for writing this commentary: 

  • The primary purpose of the Word
  • How God gave us His Word 

The Primary Purpose of the Word

God gave us the Word primarily for us to live by it. Living by the Word includes receiving life from God, exercising that life in our daily activities, coming into an intimate relationship with Him, and, of course, empowerment to do what He wants us to do. Reading, studying, teaching, or preaching the Word of God are secondary and subsidiary to the primary divine purpose for speaking to us. 

Scriptural emptiness is the phrase I use to describe the scenario where we engage in secondary purposes such as studying but never come to the primary goal: an experiential relationship with the living God.

How God Gave Us His Word 

God has used human language as the avenue to bring His Word to humanity. Toda, the Word has come to us primarily as written literature, the Bible. Therefore, the laws of everyday human communication and literary interpretation are crucial for accurately understanding and receiving the Word of God. No revelation from God will contradict the literary devices of the passage, such as the sense of the text, grammar, and syntax. This principle is crucial for a healthy Christian life and community. Here is the critical role of Bible scholarship and Theology.   

Deshen: An Exegetical and Devotional Bible Commentary

Deshen seeks to bring together the two fundamental principles above: fostering spiritual growth and intimacy with the Lord as well as bringing expert and latest Biblical scholarship on the passages of scripture.

This commentary is an enormous project that will require a tremendous amount of resources and time to put together. We will begin a verse at a time, starting from verses we believe are critical for spiritual growth and what the Spirit is doing in the Church. 

Please stay in touch for updates on when the first verse will be published. You can subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

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