Christ the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God

But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God (1 Cor. 1:24 KJV)

Christ the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God showing a man with light in the forest

Did you notice the remarkable description of the Lord Jesus presented in the verse above? He is called the power, and the wisdom of God. This is Christ, the Word of God made flesh. He is the power of God sent to save humanity from every destruction and calamity. He is the wisdom of God, God’s secret plan to save the world.

This truth is astounding. Christ, who dwells in you, is the power of God. God does not have two “powers.” The same power of God that we know of is used to describe what Christ has become to us. When Christ came into you, that was the power of God that came into you. Christ came into you in the Person of the Holy Spirit. He is the power of God that dwells in you.

Furthermore, Christ is described as the  Wisdom of God. He is God’s secret plan or strategy to save humanity. Beyond this secret plan, He is indeed the very wisdom of God. His life was a display of divine wisdom that astonished His adversaries. God’s Word has been clearly shown to us in many ways to be the very wisdom of God. And this wisdom is in you. 

Can you think about these things for a moment? The power and the wisdom of God are wholly residing inside of you. This is why you cannot afford to be a failure in anything you are involved in! You have been divinely wired to be a wonder in the world!


In light of the devotional above, what is the meaning of the seven horns and seven eyes of the Lamb upon the throne in Rev.5:6?


This devotional reminds you that you, in your very nature as a Christian,  are not weak or foolish in any way. You have the very wisdom and power of God embedded in your being. Christ is your secret to make exploits in life!  Trust the Spirit, and lean on Him to make this a practical reality in your life.


Thank the Lord Jesus for His marvelous grace in giving us His wisdom and power. 

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