Two Types of Preachers 

“For which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Arise and walk ‘?” (Matt. 9:5 NKJ.)

Jesus asked the question above to a group of Pharisees: “Which is easier to say?” He gave two options. The first was “your sins are forgiven you” and the second was “arise and walk.” Which do you think is easier to say?

Certainly it is easier to say “your sins are forgiven you”—all you might get in response is a theological debate. But if you open your mouth and say “arise and walk,” you had better be sure that man will arise and walk before those onlookers!

Jesus did not ask “which one is from God” or “which is easier to do,” but which was easier to say. It takes more spiritual resources to forgive sins than to heal a man’s body. However, Jesus taught us a critical lesson about ministry. Teaching, instructing and directing someone is relatively easy to do but it also takes the Holy Spirit.

The man’s greatest need was for forgiveness, not healing, and it was easier to say that this need was met. However, the man had other needs. Speaking the solution to those needs was not easy. It is easier to teach about demons than to tell a demon to get out of someone.

God wants us to go beyond the easy. The easy meets the greatest need and is certainly from God. The tougher meets the practical needs people have here and now. Pray for preachers who can say “your sins are forgiven” but also speak to the physical need by saying “arise and walk” with practical results.


What is required to be able to say “arise and walk”? See 1 Cor. 2:4.


Start exercising God’s power today in your own life by speaking to the mountains in your life. This is the power to say “arise and walk.”


Ask God to take you higher, both in your life and your ministry, from just speaking easy words to demonstrating the power of the Spirit.

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