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Topics Covered

Devotional Time Under Fire

Why are so many believers finding it so difficult to have quality consistent daily devotional

A Definition of the Daily Devotional

How has the Lord defined the devotional life for us using the scriptures

The mystery of sitting at God’s table

Something happens to us every single time we sit at the Lord’s feet to hear His Word or talk with Him

A Practical guide to help you get started

Get a step-by-step guide on starting and improving your daily devotional time with the Lord

The Devotional Life: Your Key to a Spiritual Life with Results

The devotional is more than reading a piece of inspiring Christian writing or scripture each day. This book is not a daily devotional. It is an in-depth scriptural exploration of what the devotional really entails.

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The Key elements of the daily devotional life include:

  • Feeding on the Word of God
  • Devotion to the Lord
  • Time in God’s presence
  • Fellowshing with God
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Author spotlight

Dr. Patrick Oben is a Physician and Minister who delights in bringing healing to both the spiritual and the physical heart. He is the Founder of Glory & Grace, a teaching ministry that is building the Church through the power of the Word. He lives with his wife Ma Ayuk and daughter Michaela in Iowa, USA.

Patrick oben

Readers say

Victoria Grace portrait

This book has been an incredible blessing in my life. Dr. Oben’s book has sparked a deeper interest in studying the Bible daily. He provides practical tools to help you dig deeper into the Word. Applying the things I learned from this book has helped me deal with major circumstances in my life.

Victoria Grace

A must read. The Devotional LIFE: Your Key to a Spiritual Life with Results sets the bar high as a devotional. I believe it was written under the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This young author Dr. Patrick Oben has been used by GOD to captivate his readers with great in depth revelation of GOD’s Word and explained with simplicity which makes reading his books fun and with anticipation of what he will say next. Marrying the word and time with GOD in this book will enrich your day and bring you into a closer walk with GOD.

Linda Casraiss

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