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With the heart man believes

For with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. (Rom. 10:10 NAS)

The capacity to believe is is a source of tremendous power in the heart of man. Belief unleashes the power of God, and is therefore a critical aspect for every believer to understand.  “To believe” essentially means to accept, or receive, something as truth. Christians have to believe the Word of God.

Believing can be compared to the foundation of the house of faith, while acting on what you believe is the actual building. Faith is both believing and acting. You cannot build a house without a foundation. A major challenge for Christians, is a situation were we are saying “faith words” with our mouth, and doing “faith actions”, but without faith in the heart. No results will come forth from this.  It is our responsibility to train our hearts with the Word of God to believe. Faith comes by the Word (Rom. 10:17). You do not need to manipulate your heart or mind to believe the Word. Get the Word in, and it will soften your heart to believe.


Meditation on the Word is your key to train your heart to believe the  Word. Can you see yourself in the verse above? Make that Word above yours, as  you mutter and ponder upon it.


Thank the Lord for the mystery of faith that works in you. Ask the Spirit to help you train your heart to believe the Word.


Have you really believed the Word? I still work on this everyday! There are verses I realize I did not truly believe, as I had thought. Learn to give your heart the time it needs to take a hold of the Word. You can train your heart to believe the Word by using the Word through the Spirit! When the Word comes in, it makes the heart able to believe. Faith comes by the Word! Start training your heart in the Word actively until great faith springs up.

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