Who can discern his errors?

Who can discern his errors? Declare me innocent from hidden faults (Ps. 19:12 ESV)

Who can discern his faults showing many darts missing the bull's eye

Our errors and faults always come with a price to pay. However, the most devastating mistakes in our lives are those we do not know about. David asked “who can discern his errors” but followed the question with a plea to God to declare him innocent from hidden faults rather than an answer.

Have you ever met a man who is blind to his errors? Or can you remember a personal experience where you were making mistakes in life without realizing them and wished someone had told you that you were going off track? It is always such a sad scenario to experience or behold. It can be compared to a blind man on a road leading to a potentially fatal danger zone but he just does not know it because he cannot see. 

We all have weaknesses and faults. The Spirit continually helps our weaknesses. And one of the ways He helps us is to open our eyes to see where we are wrong and possibly hurting our own lives and destinies. But how does He do this? David gives us the major means by which God will open your eyes to your unknown faults in the same chapter. He says “the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes” (Ps. 19:8 ESV). God’s Word is light, and it will give you insight into your life to see where you are wrong. The Word is your light. Ensure you take it in regularly.It will provide you with insight into your life that is beyond your comprehension. 


Can the things we do not know hurt us? Declare that “the Word of God enlightens my eyes and I am walking in the light of life.”


Not knowing your faults that are destroying you is as detrimental as knowing them and refusing to acknowledge them. Do not be the worst enemy of your own joy and prosperity in life. Pay attention to the Word and be humble to allow God guide, rebuke or correct you as necessary.


Ask the Spirit to help you not to close your eyes or harden your heart towards your errors and faults. 

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