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What is a devotional in the Bible?

But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4 ESV).

What is the devotional in the Bible?

The term devotional means something connected to religious worship, a piece of Christian writing, or quiet time with the Lord. Sadly, many believers only connect the devotional to a short inspirational piece of Christian writing or a book containing these writings. However, the essential aspect meaning of the devotional is the biblical meaning of the term. Though we will not find the word devotional in the Bible, the term describes an age-old biblical practice that is always crucial for God’s people.

Peter gives us a biblical definition of the devotional in Acts 6:4:

 But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word (Acts 6:4 ESV).

The devotional is devoting ourselves to prayer and the Word of God consistently. Whenever we spend time with God in the Word and prayer, His presence and power cause nourishing, edifying, and refreshing effects on our lives. I call this influence the devotional effect. Read more about this in the article “what is a devotional?”. Similarly, the devotional life is the habit of consistently devoting ourselves to prayer and the Word. When we do this every day, we can appropriately call it a daily devotional.

Your devotional life is a crucial foundation for a healthy, thriving, and flourishing Christian life.

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What is the devotional from a biblical perspective? What is the devotional life?

Apply the Word

You put the Word to work by taking actions to apply what you learn from it. Do you have a devotional life? Are you struggling with spiritual dryness all the time? Do you want to be full of God every single day for a thriving and enjoyable spiritual life? Then put this devotional to work! Devote yourself every day to the Word of God and prayer. If you do, you will enjoy a rich intimacy with the Holy Sprint you will never trade for anything!


Ask the Father for a new desire to devote yourself to His Word and prayer every day.

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