Two Laws that will Determine Where You Will Be at the End of the Year

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years (Gen. 1:14 KJV)

What if I told you I have a word the Lord has given me to show you what the end of your new year will look like? Will you be interested to hear it? Well, I have got two laws from the sure word of prophecy in the scriptures that show us what to expect at the end of a new year. The scriptures are prophetic enough, and you do not need a prophet or a Man or Woman of God to repeat them to you. Well, what are these laws? Please take a look at our main verse above again.

The lights in heaven control the seasons of the earth, including the years. That is, the heavenly lights control whether the earth will be in summer, winter, spring or fall. Verse 18 of Genesis one says the heavenly lights “rule over the day and over the night (Gen. 1:18 KJV). Light is knowledge and revelation, and the earth is your heart and your life. The amount of light you have and walk in will determine whether your health, finances, relationships, etc. will be in summer or winter. I pray you to understand this. The God you experience is the God you know.

The second law is closely related to the first. It is the law of planting and reaping. Please do not think,even for a second, that I am talking to you about planting financial seed only. The law of sowing and reaping simply means you can do things today that will pave the way for you and impact your life tomorrow. Do you want to enjoy a rich and intimate relationship with God in this new year? Do you know the seed that will produce this harvest? Or maybe the harvest you are looking for is good health. The seed for such a harvest for some of us might be to stop consuming tons of junk food! Maybe you are scheduled to write a major exam by the end of the year. Watching TV or spending enough time on Social Media is a seed that might make you a social celebrity but will not produce the harvest of excellent results. There is a seed for every result you want.

 We can only imagine the number of times we all planted seed X in life and expect harvest Y. It has happened before and continues to happen today. Some of you reading this devotional have already told the Lord how much you yearn to have a closer relationship with Him this year. Isn’t that a wonderful desire. The Lord loved that. He knows your heart. He is looking at the seed you have in your hand to plant to make that a reality!

Put these two laws to work in your life, and watch what your life becomes by the end of the year!


Take a moment to think through the two laws mentioned above.


What are you up to this year? So you want to end the year in grand style, right? Who doesn’t??? The question is this: what is the degree of Light you have, and currently walking in? You will be shocked how much of your earthly life is “not in God’s hands” but in your hands. He has given you the power to steer your life by His Word and Spirit. Go to work this year!


Ask the Lord to help you become fully immersed in the Light of His Word and to walk in it this year like never before.

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