Two dimensions of the prophetic in the New Testament

And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge…g (1 Corinthians 13:2, ESV)

A few weeks ago, I shared a critical truth about the two operational arms of the prophetic, which are knowledge and utterance. In essence, prophecy is knowing and speaking God’s words. And the blessing of the New Testament is that every single believer in Christ has the Spirit of God, and therefore a measure of prophecy can operate in all of us. Let me go further today and share two purposes of the prophetic utterance, that is, what prophecy seeks to accomplish.

The first purpose of the prophetic utterance is to reveal knowledge either of God or man, of things past, present or future. Prophecy grants access to insights into mysteries and knowledge as seen in the verse above. So the prophetic can make us speak to reveal truths about a person, in their past, present or even future. This usually encourages, strengthens or comforts people. This is generally what we do through the word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and the teaching and preaching of the Word.

The second purpose for the prophetic utterance is different from the first. It is not about revealing  things  of God or man. It is speaking to  release power to command changes in the environment. A classic example of this dimension of the prophetic utterance is prophet Ezekiel speaking to dry bones. He was speaking forth God’s Word, not to reveal knowledge but for commanding a change. Mark 11:23, as I have shared lately, is a classic command and instructing for us to operate in this arm of the prophetic. Remember I did mention that when we speak to  mountains, we are seeking to speak God’s words which are spirit and power and are able to command changes. That is prophecy!

As a believer, you should train yourself in both of these dimensions of the prophetic utterance. Prophesy to encourage, strengthen and comfort through knowledge. Also prophesy and speak to dry bones, fig-trees, mountains, winds etc or anything that needs to be removed for you to enjoy your inheritance in Christ! 


Can you explain the two purposes of the prophetic utterance? Does God want you to operate and grow in both of them? 


The Spirit is prophecy in you! He gives you knowledge, and utterance! Prophesy, therefore! Learn to receive the Word of God for people around you. Yes, you can if you train yourself to hear God. Learn to prophesy to the mountains in your life. I had already taught about this a few days ago. The Spirit is upon you, so prophesy! This week, I will be starting live Webinar sessions where I can interact with you directly for training in spiritual things! I will begin with  practical training for an arm of prophecy titled  “how to hear God’s voice!”

Look forward to it this Saturday at 9am CST(2pm GMT); invites will be published soon! 


Ask the Spirit to take you to a higher dimension of the prophetic in your life. 

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