Three ways God will visit you

And there came a fear on all: and they glorified God, saying, That a great prophet is risen up among us; and, That God hath visited his people (Luke 7:16 KJV)

We began a mini-series yesterday on divine visitations. Let me conclude that series with some of the ways God visits us. I will mention just three for this devotional. Divine visitations as mentioned previously, are practical, experiential encounters with God’s presence and/or His power, with a definite purpose of fellowship, deliverance, revelation of His plans and purposes, etc.

The first and most obvious way God visits us is through special divine appearances, including prophetic dreams and visions. It might be through a human form( like He visited Abraham), special manifestations of His presence such as fire in the Burning Bush when He appeared to Moses or the Pillar of cloud and fire to Israel. Daniel and John had encounters with Him through dreams and visions. In some cases, He visits us by sending His angels who appear to us in human form.

Another way the Lord visits us is through His people. In Luke 7:16 above, the people said God had visited them because they realized a great prophet was amongst them. God visited Israel in Egypt by sending Moses to them. God can visit you through the ministers He sends your way or through other believers. These visitations are easy to miss because they are not as dramatic as the first.

The third way God visits us to bring us into an encounter with His presence and power is through His Word. He sent His Word and His Word was power with the Jews to heal and deliver them( Ps. 107:20). Jesus’s, the Living Word, coming into the world was God visiting the earth.

Be aware of all the ways He visits you and be on a lookout not to miss your visitation!


What are the three ways God visits us discussed above?


You need daily encounters with God. In fact, not only encounters, but you need to be in touch with Him 24/7 practically! Be sensitive to the way He visits you. Do not wait for Jesus to appear in your room before you know God has visited you. For some of you, this devotional carries a Word that will bring the power of God over your life to activate a realm of encounters with God. That in itself is a visitation! Have you had a visitation lately, by any of the means above? Please share that with us below!


Ask the Lord to help you not to miss a visitation because it came in a way you were not expecting. 

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