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Three Reasons Why You Should Read Through the Bible Regularly

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, That I might not sin against thee  (Psalm 119:11 KJV)

Reading through the Bible makes God’s word accessible by exposing you regularly to the breadth of everything God has written and counteracting the natural knowledge decay that comes with time. I will briefly discuss these three key factors: accessibility, breadth of divine revelation, and knowledge decay.

Reading through the Bible is one way to help you hide God’s Word in your hearts. The Word resides in your heart as the things you know, understand, and believe from the Bible. The Word that works for you and benefits you is the Word that dwells in your heart; for the Word to help you, it has to be accessible to the faculties of your heart. Whatever you have forgotten, did not understand or believe is of no profit to you.

Second, reading through the Bible exposes your heart to the breadth of everything God has written(the Logos). There is a quantitative aspect to God’s revelation. It is not enough to know a lot about one or a few things God has said. We must know everything and as much of that everything as possible. Reading through the Bible is not an alternative option to in-depth Bible study; on the contrary, it is a necessary complementary approach to thorough study.

Third, reading through the Bible counteracts knowledge decay which is an inevitable weakness of our minds. Time slowly depletes our store of knowledge, and so decreases accessibility. Rereading regularly re-exposes our minds to the breadth of the Logos and repletes the knowledge tank.

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Have you ever read through the Bible?   

Apply the Word

I recommend that every believer, especially ministers, Read Through the  Bible from Genesis to Revelation every one or two years( RTB-1-2). January 1st is a few days away; RTB-1-2 Conference is also approaching quickly. This FREE online conference will inspire, encourage and equip you to read through the Bible effectively. Register now to reserve your seat as live attendance will be limited to the first 100.


Ask the Father to help you read through the Bible regularly.

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