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The Violent Take it By Force To Possess Their Possessions

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matt. 11:12 KJV)

The violent take it by force showing a fighter jet

There is such a thing as “kingdom violence”, except that it is not human violence that is destructive but holy violence prompted by the Spirit. Jesus said the “violent take it by force.” The same is true of anger. There is the anger of man that never produces the righteousness of God, but there is holy anger against sin that the Spirit births inside of us to accomplish His purposes.

The violence in appropriating the kingdom of God implies an active and forceful involvement of those who take hold of it. We take the kingdom by force when we believe in Christ. However, this kingdom violence does not end there. It continues with the regular activities as believers. There are things you will not enjoy in the kingdom except this violence is at work in you.

Please understand that this violence is not physical force. It is not a natural but spiritual violence of faith that presses on to God. A classic example of violence is the woman with bleeding for 12 years. She forced her way to her healing. Too many of us are just too passive when it comes to the affairs of the kingdom. There is this religious inertia that leaves us in a state of apathy and passivity. There are forces at work against your life, your faith and your blessings in Christ. If you sit and watch, Satan will eat your lunch. Be violent. The kingdom is not for those who are chicken-hearted but for those who are bold and courageous as lions. The violent are those who will enjoy their possessions in Christ.


What is the difference between natural violence and kingdom violence described above? Declare that “I am possessing every blessing that is mine in Christ by kingdom violence. I am bold and courageous as a lion and taking steps to enforce my rights in Christ”.


Don’t sit and watch whatever you do not like that is contrary to God’s will in your life. Unleash kingdom violence. Get a revelation of the Word and step out in faith!


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to help you become active and violent in the kingdom for His glory.

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