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The resurrection of Christ : the game changer

And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.  (1 Corinthians 15:17 KJV)

the resurrection of Christ showing the empty tomb

The resurrection of Christ from the grave is the spiritual game changer of our faith. Jesus’s death is wonderful and the necessary prerequisite but His death would have been spiritually useless if He had not resurrected from the dead as Paul  says in the verse above. The crown and joy of Easter is not the sufferings and death of Christ but His resurrection.

I remember watching one of the classic movies depicting the passion week of Christ.  The movie graphically depicted the sufferings and death of Christ. In fact, the entire movie centered around the mistreatment of Christ and how the Roman soldiers mercilessly tortured and then nailed Him to the cross. He was then buried and the movie was essentially over. He was then pictured in a 5 to 10 second clip as being alive and that was it. This is a subtle and dangerous portrayal of Christ that many of us might not realize.

Jesus is not the only human being to have suffered under the torture of Roman soldiers and be crucified. His sufferings and death were all within what was happening to some criminals in His day. These movies are essentially portraying Jesus as a  Jewish Teacher who suffered and died. The resurrection of Christ sets Christ apart from every human being and every so-called religious leader that was murdered for what they taught. We would not expect the world to portray this vividly in movies, do we?

The glory of Easter is the resurrection of Christ. It is the vindication of Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God. It is the eternal stroke that has abolished Satan and sin. It is the event that has guaranteed your total forgiveness of all sins, new birth and the glorious gift of being made a child of God. Happy Easter!


Take a moment to digest the devotional above!


Celebrate Easter with understanding. Remember and praise Him for His suffering and death on the cross. Christianity is living in the resurrection of Christ!


Thank the Father for the wonderful blessing of raising His Son from the dead. 

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