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The Renewal of the New Man

And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him (Colossians 3:10 KJV)

The new man or the new creation spirit inside of us is being renewed every single day. The term “renewed” in the verse above is remarkable. It indeed means re-new, that is,  new again. This is not referring to our born again experience. We got born again once.  It is a term that seeks to capture the progressive transformation of the believer, becoming more and more like Jesus. The Logos Bible software Bible Sense Lexicon defines it as  “to be re-established in a like-new and often improved manner”.

The fullness of our glorious life is the full measure of the stature of Christ. Our Christian growth is measured by how Christ-like we look because He is the goal of Christian maturity. He is the fullness of the glory of God, and when He returns, we shall be as He is, in all respects. Do you remember how John saw Jesus in revelations 1? That is the Lord in His glory. Well, that is what we will be in the fullness of time!

The process by which we become transformed each day to become more like Him is what this renewal is all about.  Our human spirit was created in the image of God. It is already in that image. The reason why we do not behave like Jesus, however, is because the soul, who is the you that lives here on the earth needs to be transformed. Each step we take closer to what Him brings us closer to the fullness of the glory, and we glow more and more in the spirit. As you feed on the Word and grow, you step into new phases of glory every moment. You are in a renewal process every single time as transformation is taking place.

Did you notice how that renewal process comes about? Please retake a look at the verse. It says we are renewed in knowledge. Let this truth sink deep into your spirit. It is the knowledge of Christ that renews and transforms the new creation in us. This is why the preaching and teaching of the unadulterated and undiluted word of God are crucial for the maturity of the Chruch.

Keep moving from one state of glory to another!


Why would the Apostle say we have already put on the new man who is  in the image of Christ and then goes ahead to tell us that new man needs to be renewed to become more of that image again?


Are you seeing new phases of God’s glory in your life each day? The renewal process is critically based on the knowledge of Christ you have. Each time you know Him more, in the spirit, you have just SEEN more of  Him and the more you SEE Him the more you become like Him. Keep moving forward!


Thank the Lord for the beautiful privilege of redemption in Christ.  

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