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The mystery of the substitution

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him (2 Corinthians 5:21 KJV)

One of the mysteries at the heart of Christianity is the substitution. As I have shared in previous Glory & Grace Daily devotionals, a mystery in the New Testament is not something mystical or hidden. It is a deep truth about God that has been revealed. I often use the term mystery as in this devotional, and this is the meaning you should keep in mind.

It is astonishing to even think about what God did on the cross in Jesus. He did not come, then suffered and died as a righteous man just accidentally paying the price for sinners. Jesus died as a sinner. He did not just carry sin but took our place as sinners. He was born without sin and lived His entire life without sin. Then came the cross. God in the flesh would Himself know what life is as a sinner separated from God! 

Jesus did not die only for the sins of the Church. He died for the entire world, saved and unsaved. He did not die for the sins you have committed in the past or which you had committed before you became saved. He died for the sins you have committed, the ones you probably committed today, and those you will commit tomorrow. That includes the sins of your pastor with the sisters and brothers in Church. Then add the sins of the unsaved, those they have committed, are currently committing and the sins they will commit in the future. 

The entire sin of humanity, past present and future, was laid on Christ as a sinner. There is no human being that can ever commit the number of sins Jesus carried because He carried the sins of the entire human race. Imagine if there was a sinner with that many sins before God. God’s wrath was poured out upon His Son, as a Sinner, in my place and your place. He wants you to remember why you are saved. It is not because you are good-hearted. He wants you to know the sins of the lost around you are already paid for. They need to be told and rescued from hell.

He died as a sinner, in our place so that you can live His righteous life in Him!


What is the substitution as described above?


Jesus told us to remember Him. Please remember the cross. Remember why you can have the Gift of the  Holy Spirit today as if it is such a simple Gift to obtain. Remember why you are called a child of God today. He died in our place. And He wants you to live  His righteous life in Him.


Thank the Lord for the great work of substation. What else do you want to tell Him about this? 

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