The love of many shall wax cold

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold  (Matthew 24:12 KJV)

Matthew 24 is a well-known chapter that addresses the events of the end times. The various signs that Jesus mentioned in this scripture include the love of many believers growing cold because sin and lawlessness will increase. 

The Greek word translated “wax cold” means to cool something by blowing upon it. Think of what happens when eating a favorite dish that is fresh off the kitchen and still hot. You scoop a portion of the meal, blow upon it to cool it down before putting it in your mouth. This analogy is the idea behind Jesus’ statement above. The love or zeal of many believers will slowly diminish, just as any hot object gradually becomes cold as someone blows upon it. 

Please remember Jesus was talking about us, not the disciples who originally heard Him. He was teaching what will happen in the days of the end. Some believers burning in zeal and love for the Lord will slowly lose this fervency because there is increasing pressure of sin and lawlessness in the environment. Should we lose our holy lifestyle because the crowd around us is given to the culture of pervasion, sin, and lawlessness? Jesus said some would give in. He said many would do. However, many will maintain the love to the end. This should be you and me.

Be encouraged and strengthened in the faith. Beware of the surrounding culture. The world has one aim: to quench the fire or love of God in you. Do not be one of the many Jesus spoke about in His prophecy.

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When was the last time you faced the pressure or temptation to give in to sin because everyone around you was doing it?

Apply the Word

We do not need a prophecy to tell us the days are evil. You have the Spirit of God, and you will overcome. Do not let the world blow off the fire of God and cause your love to wax cold.

Ask the Father to keep you in these tough days of the end. 

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