The Days of His Glory and Grace

The best days of the Church are not behind  but ahead of her. In fact, those days are here!

The Days of His Glory and Grace

A Spiritual Paradox of Light and Darkness

The earth is experiencing a spiritual enigma in the days we are living in. There are two parallel, diametrically opposite spiritual phenomena occurring on the earth  at the same time and right now. There is an increasing manifestation of evil and sin   in degrees not seen before. This is darkness. But there is  also  an ever increasing manifestation of God’s  presence and  power in degrees also never seen before. This is light. Both light and darkness are rapidly intensifying on the earth.

For look, darkness covers the earth, and total darkness the peoples; but the LORD will shine over you, and His glory will appear over you. (Isaiah . 60:2  Holman Christian Standard Bible, CSB)

The Glory of Grace and Glory

The glory of the Lord, usually seen as light, is the manifestation of the Presence of God.  God will be revealed in very tangible ways on the earth in increasing   levels. And this will be  in and through His people. The glory of the Lord will not be seen as a bright literal  light from the skies  or a large cloud  covering the earth. It will be seen through His people here on the earth. God will be revealed, as His people increasingly manifest His love, power, wisdom, excellency, holiness, grace, mercy, abundance etc.

Notice in the verse above( Isaiah 60:2), that the glory is not over the skies, but over you, His people!

The Church will be the revelation of the glory of the Lord on the earth. The people of the earth will look at His people and see the glory of the Lord. It cannot get any better!  We are living in amazing days. Get plugged in!

The Inseparable Grace and Glory Duo

The glory that is here, and increasing each day, will not be by human merit or ability.  The glory of the Lord is, and of necessity must be, by grace. It is the Lord’s doing, and not man’s.  Glory is the  end of grace, and grace is moving towards glory. The grace that is in Christ  came to bring us  into the glory of the Lord.

David vividly captured this endtime duo in this verse

For the LORD God is a sun and shield. The LORD gives grace and glory; He does not withhold the good from those who live with integrity. (Psalms 84:11 CSB)

If there is, and shall be, an ever increasing shade of glory on the earth,  it implies there must first be an ever increasing level of grace in the Church. And if the Church will know the glory of God, she must come into the  fullness of God’s grace.

Growing in Grace for Greater Glory

The grace that will lead to glory is God’s  divine involvement and enablement of the Church to overcome and reign over sin, sickness, fear, demonic powers and others as the she develops absolute dependency on   what  Christ accomplished through the cross and the empty tomb.  Shades of this grace   lead to shades of glory.

Grace is God working in and through us. And the degree to which His enablement is manifested and expressed through us determines the level of grace we are operating in. The Word therefore exhorts us to grow in grace.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. (2 Peter  3:18 CSB)

And in that same verse above, we have a  clue on how we can grow in grace-grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Days of Grace and Glory Are Here

The grace cycle begins with the revelation of Jesus, His Person and His finished work. As Jesus is revealed, or seen in the Word, faith is born. When the Church is in faith, the Spirit will flood the earth with the Presence of God. And we will  desire to know Him even more, leading to more faith , operations of the Spirit and the manifestation of the glory of God. And this cycle will continue again and again unto the perfect day.

I cannot overemphasize this. It is a spiritual emergency for the Church to return to the foot of the cross, in knowledge and full faith.

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